Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face – Mike Tyson

Full of ambition to fight the best in her league female boxer Diana Prazak accepts an invitation by the world’s overall number one and WBC Super feather weight World Champion Frida Wallberg to fight for her title in Frida’s hometown Stockholm.

Although they’re both world‐class fighters, they couldn’t be more opposite. Frida, with her long successful amateur career and undefeated in her professional career, is a beautiful blond, immensely popular and overloaded with attention from media and sponsors alike. Diana is just her true Australian self, fueled by nothing more than her passion for boxing, for which she started training only five years ago.

Leading up to the match, Lucia Rijker, former 6x world champion, coaches Diana though a six‐week program to prepare her physically and mentally for one of the toughest fights of her life. In Los Angeles, they spend long days training in knockout techniques, building condition and losing weight. Lucia adds regular chanting sessions to Diana’s intense schedule, to help her overcome her biggest and most paralyzing fear: losing.

When time has come, the two of them leave for Stockholm, where they are confronted with the picture‐perfect Frida, her glamorous, extended entourage, and her numerous fans. The brutal fight however, takes a dramatic turn. Diana is left to consider if she truly got, what she wished for.

Filmmaker Marieke Niestadt gives us a unique insight into the world of female boxing. At the same time, this documentary is showing a behind the scene close up of what goes on inside the mind, the heart and preparation of a female fighter who wants to became the best of the world.

It is an exciting and heartbreaking story showing vulnerability, the fight against inner demons and facing the loneliness that may be encountered at the top.

Lucia & Diana

5'6" junior welterweight Lucia Rijker of Holland, now living in Los Angeles, California, may be the world's most dangerous female fighter on a pound-for-pound basis. She has been referred to as "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World," "Queen of Lightning," "Lady Ali," and "The Dutch Destroyer." Lucia is also known as Billie the Blue Bear in Clint Eastwood film Million Dollar Babe.


Marieke Niestadt (1969) worked as an international model and television host untill she decided she wanted to be at the other side of the camera. Marieke is a self directing camera person. Her open and inviting character allows her to capture people as they are, up close and personal.


Bittersweet Rules the First Time Fest

And without hesitation, we are proud to name it our Bulleit Frontier Film of the First Time Fest. We salute this devastating documentary for helping even non-fight fans get a better grasp of what it takes to get in